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The new type of bimetallic composite brake drum produced by our company is the result of cooperation with henan university of science and technology and joint research and development for many years. The production of this product adopts full automation, flowing water, intelligent equipment, its equipment and technology are the first in China, with the international advanced level. Both production and marketing scale, technical level and quality control are well ahead of domestic competitors, the product is in serious shortage situation, the market share of more than 60%, our company production of bimetal composite brake drum brake is not broken (never), light weight (lighter than traditional products 15% - 30%), long service life (2 times that of traditional products) the three major advantages, the product is safer, more in line with the trend of heavy truck lightweight requirements, more energy conservation and emissions reduction, and at the same time, the product is compared with the traditional products to reduce the sand, modelling, core making, shakeout four process, not only more efficient energy saving, And more clean environmental protection, is the traditional brake drum revolutionary replacement products, with epoch-making significance. The project in October 2016 by China machinery industry science and technology progress second prize, zhumadian in January 2017 and the first entrepreneurial innovation competition first prize, henan university of science and technology production base, non-ferrous metal generic technology collaborative innovation center in henan province, in 2017 and 2016, won the outstanding supplier of han DE axle, axle of Fang Cheng outstanding suppliers, in 2017 attains the zhumadian thirty new enterprise strategic emerging industries, in 2017 won the second prize, zhumadian innovation entrepreneurship competition In 2017, it won the second prize in the final of the first "yuchuang tianxia" competition in henan province and the excellence award in the final of the "sixth China innovation and entrepreneurship competition" in the advanced manufacturing industry. It is a technology-based small and medium-sized enterprise in henan province, a high-quality small and medium-sized enterprise in henan province and a key listed reserve enterprise in henan province. It has 18 patents and is a national high-tech enterprise.