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Enterprise culture

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Employment principle:

Having both ability and political integrity

What is virtue? Take the overall situation into consideration, understand the general situation, have accomplishment, share weal and woe, honor and disgrace together. What is just? Good at learning, to improve, have a specialization, a fine, everything. First for virtue, second for ability, virtue for this, for use, virtue for preparation, respected.

The amount is applied

To determine the position level with ability, and adhere to the knowledge, young, professional. Virtue has, ability is insufficient, need to cultivate, can be used, need to learn, need to improve. Talent, virtue is deficient, need limitation, want careful use, want self-cultivation, want to raise a gender. No talent, no virtue, can only stay, want to reuse, impossible.


Versatile, one and many jobs is the way; Either a fine, or door to door is the goal of training, do not raise lazy, do not raise idle, everything is managed, everyone has something to do is the management method.


Make good use of what is available, introduce what is needed, and cultivate what has potential.

Labour relations:

Sex relationship

Companies such as water, staff such as fish, water and fish, no water and no fish, water is more than fish, fish fat water is strong, water dry fish no, and fish water.

Fur relationship

The company is like the skin, the staff is like the hair, the skin does not exist, the hair may be attached? Have skin flesh, just have hair, skin flesh is healthy, hair is exuberant, at the same time, hair has protective effect to skin flesh.

Relationship between lips

The other is in danger

In a word, the company and its employees are a community of interests that rely on each other and complement each other. The company will set up a stage for employees to show their value and talent, protect employees, love employees, and achieve employees. Employees should also establish good professional ethics, fulfill their duties, and make every effort for the development of the company.