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Steel composite brake disc product technology

Steel composite brake drum: Invention patent number: ZL201210061027.2

Steel composite brake disc product technology

Lighter and Stronger

The FLANGE comprises of high strength and high resilience material, offering a 15-25% weight savings while maintaining the strengh properties

Eliminating neck crack

The NECK is a single form process made from high yield strengh material,eliminating neck cracking


The petal structure connection allows for rapid two-way cooling airflow,radial and axial airflow reducing excessive heat build-up

Heat transmission

The reduced connection surface between NECK and FLANGE allows for considerable heat transmission reduction.This reduces heat transmission to the Bearings,Lubricant,Wheel Rims and TYres.

Steel composite brake disc product technology
Steel composite brake disc product technology


The compoung casting of the INTEGRAL Disc and Adapter allows the Disc to expand radialt,thus the braking surfaces remain straight,without high spots and warping of the Disc

Braking performance

The Heng Jiu Mechanics INTEGRAL Disc Brake Rotor offers superior braking performance,tested,approved and used by truck,bus and trailer OEMs GLOBALLY

Service Life

The service life of the Disc and Pads is gignificantly increased.This due the material properties and design characteristics of this Heng Jiu Mechanics Rotor

Test Spercification

Tested and Approved to SAE J3080 Standards