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Permanent products export to the United States opens the prelude to international competition (picture and text)

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On September 19, 2018, the first batch of bimetallic composite brake drums exported to the United States by zhumadian hengjiu machinery manufacturing co., ltd. arrived at the port for packing and departed for the United States on September 20. This marks the permanent participation in international competition horn officially sounded, permanent products to the world's prelude officially opened!


Bimetal composite brake drum is constant and independent research and development of high-tech products, is also the traditional brake drum updated products, has won the China machinery industry science and technology progress second prize, the sixth China innovation entrepreneurship competition award, this product has the brake is not broken, light weight, long service life characteristics, has been commercial car, faw, dongfeng commercial vehicle, shan steam, foton and other large domestic commercial vehicle factory batch applications, has been recognized by the height of the commercial vehicle market mainstream.


Entering the international market and participating in the world competition has always been one of the permanent strategic goals. For this reason, the company has made unremitting efforts, made a lot of work, and had many contacts and negotiations with international purchasers.


International purchasers have given full affirmation and high evaluation to the products of hengjiu. They believe that the performance level of the permanent bimetallic composite brake drum has reached the international leading level, and express the earnest expectation of carrying out in-depth cooperation with hengjin.


Permanent bimetal composite brake drum has occupied the position of the first brand in the domestic market segment, the first export of the product to the United States market, will be a major breakthrough in the international market layout of permanent, is a permanent product performance and technical level of an international first show.