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Congratulations to our company on winning the title of "advanced enterprise in 2017 environmental pollution prevention and contr

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On April 26, the 2017 environmental pollution prevention and control battle summary commendation and 2018 battle mobilization and deployment meeting was held in dacshan county. County party committee secretary lu geng, county party committee deputy secretary, county head peng guangfeng, county party committee standing committee, county discipline inspection committee secretary, county supervision committee director tao yuqiang, county people's congress standing committee deputy director guo xinxin, deputy county head wang yuehong and other county leaders attended. Town (street) heads, heads of the relevant units directly under the county to participate.




At the meeting, lu geng, secretary of the county party committee, on behalf of the four leading groups of the county, extended warm congratulations to the advanced collectives, enterprises and individuals who were commended, and made arrangements and arrangements for the prevention and control of environmental pollution in the county this year and in the future. He stressed that while recognizing the achievements, we should be soberly aware that there are still some problems, such as weak awareness of environmental protection by some enterprises, heavy pollution reduction tasks and low level of scientific supervision. All county departments at all levels must grasp the situation in a scientific way, maintain stability, and earnestly integrate their thoughts and actions into the arrangements required by the central committee, the provincial party committee, the municipal party committee and the county party committee. We will continue to implement policies in a scientific way and raise the level of governance. The prevention and control of environmental pollution is both an uphill battle and a protracted one. We must remain problem-oriented, conduct in-depth investigation of problems, focus on prevention and control, improve management mechanisms, improve governance capabilities, and gradually form an investment mechanism that is guided by the government, led by enterprises and involving the whole society. We must pool our strength in tackling problems and work hard to implement them. The battle against environmental pollution is a systematic project that involves all aspects. We must strengthen leadership, take responsibility for its implementation, pool our strength and focus on its implementation, so as to ensure that the battle against environmental pollution is won successfully.




The meeting was presided over by the county magistrate peng guangfeng. He pointed out that the county's departments at all levels should be realistic in their goals, stick to the bottom line and pursue high standards. We must ensure that our work is done in a down-to-earth manner. We must make the list of targets and requirements and the requirements of principles specific. Environmental protection is the bottom line. We must take strong measures and make extraordinary efforts to combat environmental pollution. The next step is to explore how to properly handle the relationship between environmental protection and sustainable economic development, overcome difficulties and use the county's strength to win the battle against environmental pollution.




During the meeting, the county party committee, director of the standing committee, secretary of the county commission for discipline inspection, supervision committee county yu-qiang tao read out the county government "about to the county environmental protection bureau and other four units, yue-hong wang eight comrade the decision of the citations for merit", the county party committee county government concerning the recognition the county environmental pollution to be completed in 2017 the decision of the advanced collectives and individuals "" about recognition ecological county in 2017 to create the decision of the advanced collectives and individuals". Wang yuehong, deputy head of the county government, summarized the key work of environmental pollution prevention and control in 2017, and arranged and deployed the work in 2018. County leaders also awarded prizes to advanced collective and individual representatives. Our company made a typical speech as the advanced unit of environmental pollution prevention and control in zheshan county in 2017.