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Li haifeng, deputy inspector of henan provincial commission of industry and information technology, and his delegation visited h

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On March 7, 2018, the ministry committee deputy inspector hai-feng li in henan province, henan ministry committee operation monitoring and coordination bureau, a deputy director of 8, the processing of henan province ministry committee operation monitoring and coordination bureau vice mayor zhang kai, a line in zhumadian bonato p et al.analysis, director of the city's appoint YanJian sword, queshan county magistrate Peng Guangfeng etc., accompanied by our view guidance, the company chairman and general manager li-gang zhou to view leaders introduced the development planning, management and operation of the company and the domestic first of bimetal composite materials of brake drum product characteristics and unique advantages, and visited the company's production process.


Hai-feng li, deputy inspector of the strong interest in our products, for the company's independent innovation ability and promote green manufacturing, intelligent manufacturing efforts and contribution to give the full affirmation, and hope that the company continued to increase investment in scientific research, forming a batch of research and development, sales of a batch of, store a batch, relying on science and technology create value, rely on innovation leading to the future, for the transformation and upgrading of equipment manufacturing in henan province continuous efforts, make contributions to made increasingly powerful China.