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Truck brake pads brake standards




Trucks are one of the main carriers of modern vehicles and play an irreplaceable role in the field of transportation. However, as an important part of the vehicle, trucks also have a certain number of failure phenomena, such as brake failure, car "runaway" and other problems. Therefore, before the vehicle failure, you should first understand the use of the car before and after the brake system is normal, if there are abnormalities need to check the maintenance.

Brake pads and brake discs are important parts of the braking system, once the brake pads and discs have problems, the braking force will be insufficient, and in serious cases, even cause the car to "run off the road". Then the question arises, why does the car "run away"? Once the braking system has problems, the brakes will sway from side to side, especially at high speed, which may lead to the phenomenon of "drifting". This situation is usually caused by the aging of brake pads or friction between brake pads and brake discs, and if the brake pads are not replaced in time, the normal work of the braking system will be seriously affected.